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FAQ on Cluster Bootstrapping

x509: certificate signed by unknown authority when deploying Management Cluster from Windows

Upon completion of Install the Tanzu CLI steps for Windows, you may encounter the following when performing tanzu management-cluster create --ui:

PS > tanzu management-cluster create --ui
Downloading TKG compatibility file from 'projects.registry.vmware.com/tkg/framework-zshippable/tkg-compatibility'
Error: unable to ensure prerequisites: unable to ensure tkg BOM file: failed to download TKG compatibility file from the registry: failed to list TKG compatibility image tags: Get "https://projects.registry.vmware.com/v2/": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
  tanzu management-cluster create [flags]

To workaround this, edit %USERPROFILE%\.config\tanzu\tkg\config.yaml with the following, then retry management cluster setup:

    version: ""
Bootstrap platformWindows
Target platformAny
Affected versionsv0.2.1

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