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VMware Tanzu Community Edition is a full-featured, easy to manage Kubernetes platform for learners and users. It is a freely available, community supported, open source distribution of VMware Tanzu that can be installed and configured in minutes on your local workstation or your favorite cloud.

The project enables the creation of application platforms. It does this by leveraging Cluster API to provide declarative deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes acts as the foundation in which we orchestrate workloads. With this foundation in place, Tanzu Community Edition enables the installation of platform packages that support applications running in clusters.

Tanzu Community Edition allows you to get bootstrapped by providing a set of opinionated building blocks. Additionally, it enables you to add or replace these with your own components. This flexibility enables you to produce application platforms that meet your unique requirements without having to start from scratch.

With Tanzu Community Edition, it is easy for experienced and aspiring cloud native practitioners to independently learn about, evaluate, and/or use Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies, in community-supported environments.

Who should use Tanzu Community Edition ΒΆ

  • Aspiring and experienced cloud native practitioners (including operators, DevOps, and developers) looking to build new cloud native skills
  • Skilled cloud native practitioners looking for a free Kubernetes-based application platform to use in their self-supported environment
  • Platform and IT infrastructure operators as well as Site Reliability Engineers looking to provide and manage container infrastructure for their internal users or customers in self-supported environments
  • Cloud native ecosystem participants, for example, independent software vendors looking to build their businesses around platform-adjacent opportunities

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