Tanzu Community Edition


Planning Your Installation

There are four main steps involved in deploying Tanzu Community Edition. The following section describes the main steps. Specific end to end installation/deployment documentation is available below for each target platform (infrastructure provider):

Note: The following information relates to a management/workload cluster deployment which provides a full-featured, scalable Kubernetes implementation suitable for a development or production environment. If you are interested in quickly spinning up a lightweight cluster for a development/experimental environment, see Create Unmanaged Clusters.

  1. Install the Tanzu CLI.

    You will download this from GitHub and install it on your desktop machine. This installs the Tanzu CLI. For information about the supported operating systems and prerequisites for your desktop machine, see the Support Matrix. For information about the Tanzu Community Edition architecture, see Architecture.

  2. Prepare to deploy clusters. Choose the target platform where you want to deploy clusters and ensure that the prerequisites are met for this platform. See Target Platforms below.

  3. Deploy a cluster to your target platform.

    Use the Tanzu CLI to launch the Tanzu Community Edition installer, deploy a management cluster, and then deploy a workload cluster.

    Note: the installer is a web based interface, if you need to perform an installation on a machine that does not have a desktop environment, see Headless Installation.

  4. Install and configure packages.

    Use the Tanzu CLI to install and configure Packages.

  5. Start here:

    If your target platform is AWS start here.
    If your target platform is Microsoft Azure start here.
    If your target platform is Docker start here.
    If your target platform is vSphere start here.

Target Platforms

The following support matrix provides a summary of the target platforms that are supported for each operating system:

Amazon EC2yesyesyes
Microsoft Azureyesyesyes

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