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Fluent Bit

Fluent Bit is an open source Log Processor and Forwarder which allows you to collect any data like metrics and logs from different sources, enrich them with filters and send them to multiple destinations.

This package deploys Fluent Bit as a DaemonSet, with one Fluent Bit pod on each Kubernetes node, collecting and forwarding logs from each pod running on that node. The provided default configuration will print forwarded logs to stdout on the fluent-bit. The stdout output plugin is useful for testing, but typically not appropriate for production use. Instead, Fluent Bit supports configurations for a number of different output types, such as open-source software like postgresql or loki, cloud platform-provided services like CloudWatch, S3, or Stackdriver, or generic protocols like http and syslog.

For more information on output types, see the Output section of the Fluent Bit Documentation.

Supported Providers

The following table shows the providers this package can work with.



The following configuration values can be set to customize the Fluent Bit installation.


namespaceOptionalThe namespace in which to deploy Fluent Bit.

Fluent Bit Configuration

Fluent-bit’s primary configuration interface is its config file, which is documented on Fluent’s documentation page.

In order to ensure that any supported inputs, outputs, filters, parsers, or other capabilities of the deployed version of Fluent Bit are available, the addon’s configuration is intentionally a lightweight pass-through of the Fluent Bit config file format.

fluent_bit.config.serviceOptionalcustom configuration for Fluent Bit service, as a multiline yaml string.
fluent_bit.config.outputsOptionalconfiguration for Fluent Bit outputs, as a multiline yaml string.
fluent_bit.config.inputsOptionalconfiguration for Fluent Bit inputs, as a multiline yaml string.
fluent_bit.config.filtersOptionalconfiguration for Fluent Bit filters, as a multiline yaml string.
fluent_bit.config.parsersOptionalconfiguration for Fluent Bit parsers, as a multiline yaml string.
fluent_bit.config.streamsOptionalcontent for Fluent Bit streams file, as a multiline yaml string.
fluent_bit.config.pluginsOptionalcontent for a Fluent Bit plugins configuration file, as a multiline yaml string.
fluent_bit.daemonset.resourcesOptionalresource limits and/or requests for the fluent-bit container within the daemonset’s pods
fluent_bit.daemonset.podAnnotationsOptionalmetadata annotations for the daemonset pods
fluent_bit.daemonset.podLabelsOptionalmetadata labels for the daemonset pods

Usage Example

Once the package has been deployed, tail the logs from the Fluent Bit DaemonSet using kubectl logs daemonset/fluent-bit -n fluent-bit. You should see a large volume of logs from all pods.

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