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Grafana is an open source visualization and analytics software. It allows you to query, visualize, alert on, and explore your metrics no matter where they are stored. It provides you with tools to turn your time-series database (TSDB) data into beautiful graphs and visualizations.

This package contains Grafana 7.5.11 (under the Apache 2.0 license).

Supported Providers

The following table shows the providers this package can work with.



  • Grafana server.


The following configuration values can be set to customize the Grafana installation.

Note: Ingress for Grafana server is enabled by default, and can be disabled using the ingress.enabled configuration field. For clusters running in Docker, disabling the Ingress is the easiest way to get started, as setting up Contour on a Docker cluster requires additional configuration. If you choose to enable the Contour-based Ingress, Contour must also be installed on the target cluster. Additionally, enabling the Ingress requires either cert-manager or your own user-provided TLS certificate (ingress.tlsCertificate.tls.crt and ingress.tlsCertificate.tls.key) to configure TLS settings for the Ingress. For ad-hoc Grafana UI access without an Ingress, use kubectl port-forward.

namespaceNamespace where Grafana will be deployedstringgrafana
grafana.deployment.replicasNumber of Grafana replicasinteger1
grafana.deployment.containers.resourcesGrafana container resource requests and limitsmap{}
grafana.deployment.k8sSidecar.containers.resourcesk8s-sidecar container resource requests and limitsmap{}
grafana.deployment.podAnnotationsThe Grafana deployments pod annotationsmap{}
grafana.deployment.podLabelsThe Grafana deployments pod labelsmap{}
grafana.service.typeType of service to expose Grafana. Supported Values: ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer. (For vSphere set this to NodePort)stringLoadBalancer
grafana.service.portGrafana service portinteger80
grafana.service.targetPortGrafana service target portinteger9093
grafana.service.labelsGrafana service labelsmap{}
grafana.service.annotationsGrafana service annotationsmap{}
grafana.config.grafana_iniThe Grafana configurationconfig filegrafana.ini
grafana.config.datasource_yamlGrafana datasource configstringprometheus
grafana.config.dashboardProvider_yamlGrafana dashboard provider configyaml fileprovider.yaml
grafana.pvc.annotationsStorage class to use for persistent volume claim. By default this is null and default provisioner is usedstringnull
grafana.pvc.storageClassNameStorage class to use for persistent volume claim. By default this is null and default provisioner is usedstringnull
grafana.pvc.accessModeDefine access mode for persistent volume claim. Supported values: ReadWriteOnce, ReadOnlyMany, ReadWriteManystringReadWriteOnce
grafana.pvc.storageDefine storage size for persistent volume claimstring2Gi
grafana.secret.typeSecret type defined for Grafana dashboardstringOpaque
grafana.secret.admin_userusername to access Grafana dashboardstringYWRtaW4=
grafana.secret.admin_passwordpassword to access Grafana dashboardstringadmin
ingress.enabledEnable/disable ingress for grafanabooleantrue
ingress.virtual_host_fqdnHostname for accessing grafanastringgrafana.system.tanzu
ingress.prefixPath prefix for grafanastring/
ingress.servicePortGrafana service port to proxy traffic tointeger80
ingress.tlsCertificate.tls.crtOptional cert for ingress if you want to use your own TLS cert. A self signed cert is generated by defaultstringGenerated cert
ingress.tlsCertificate.tls.keyOptional cert private key for ingress if you want to use your own TLS cert.stringGenerated cert private key
ingress.tlsCertificate.ca.crtOptional CA certificatestringCA certificate

Usage Example

  • Set up data sources for your metrics, you can add one or more data sources to Grafana. See the Grafana documentation for detailed description of how to add a data source.
  • Create Dashboards There are many prebuilt Grafana dashboard templates available for various data sources. You can check out the templates here.
  • Activate Ingress on Grafana as per your requirement.

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