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Multus CNI

This package provides the ability for enabling attaching multiple network interfaces to pods in Kubernetes using multus-cni.

Supported Providers

The following table shows the providers this package can work with.



  • Multus CNI Custom Resources
  • Multus CNI DaemonSet
  • Multus CNI ConfigMap


The following configuration values can be set to customize the Multus CNI installation.


namespaceOptionalThe namespace in which to deploy Multus CNI DaemonSet.

Multus CNI configuration

argsOptionalThe args for Multus CNI DaemonSet container.

Usage Example

This example guides you about attaching another network interface scenario that leverages the Multus CNI package. You must deploy the package before attempting this walkthrough.

  1. Install the Multus CNI through tanzu command:

    tanzu package install multus-cni --package-name multus-cni.community.tanzu.vmware.com --version ${MULTUS_PACKAGE_VERSION}

    You can get the ${MULTUS_PACKAGE_VERSION} from running tanzu package available list multus-cni.community.tanzu.vmware.com. Specifying a namespace may be required depending on where your package repository was installed.

  2. After the Multus CNI DaemonSet is running, you can define your network-attachment-defs to tell Multus CNI which CNI will be used for other network interfaces:

    cat <<EOF | kubectl create -f -
    apiVersion: "k8s.cni.cncf.io/v1"
    kind: NetworkAttachmentDefinition
     name: macvlan-conf
      config: '{
        "cniVersion": "0.3.0",
        "type": "macvlan",
        "master": "eth0",
        "mode": "bridge",
        "ipam": {
          "type": "host-local",
          "subnet": "",
          "rangeStart": "",
          "rangeEnd": "",
          "routes": [
            { "dst": "" }
          "gateway": ""
  3. Deploy a sample pod using the network-attachment-defs defined above by the following lines to the pod spec:

      k8s.v1.cni.cncf.io/networks: macvlan-conf
  4. After the pod is running, run the following command to check if the second network interface is up and running:

    kubectl exec <your-pod> -- ip a

Uninstallation of Multus CNI package

The following steps are used to uninstall the Multus CNI package.

  1. Delete the Multus CNI resources through the following command:

    tanzu package installed delete <multus-cni-pkg-install-name> <-y>
  2. Remove leftover Multus CNI’s network configuration files on the cluster nodes. To remove such resources, one possible way is to use a daemonset to clean up the leftover Multus CNI related network configurations. One example is located at Multus CNI tests folder.

    kubectl create -f test/e2e/multihomed-testfiles/cleanup.yaml

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