Tanzu Community Edition


Scale Management Clusters ΒΆ

After you deploy a management cluster, you can scale it up or down by increasing or reducing the number of node VMs that it contains. To scale a management cluster, use the tanzu cluster scale command with one or both of the following options:

  • --controlplane-machine-count changes the number of management cluster control plane nodes.
  • --worker-machine-count changes the number of management cluster worker nodes.

Because management clusters run in the tkg-system namespace rather than the default namespace, you must also specify the --namespace option when you scale a management cluster.

  1. Run tanzu login before you run tanzu cluster scale to check that the management cluster you wish to scale is the current context of the Tanzu CLI.

  2. To scale a production management cluster that you originally deployed with 3 control plane nodes and 5 worker nodes to 5 and 10 nodes respectively, run the following command:

    tanzu cluster scale <MANAGEMENT-CLUSTER-NAME> --controlplane-machine-count 5 --worker-machine-count 10 --namespace tkg-system

If you initially deployed a development management cluster with one control plane node and you scale it up to 3 control plane nodes, Tanzu Community Edition automatically enables stacked HA on the control plane.

IMPORTANT: Do not change context or edit the .kube-tkg/config file while Tanzu Community Edition operations are running.

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