Tanzu Community Edition


Run Conformance Tests

Tanzu Community Edition has an integrated Sonobuoy plugin. The Tanzu CLI uses the conformance command (powered by Sonobuoy) to run tests against clusters. Use the tanzu conformance command to run diagnostic tests to help you to understand the state of a cluster. The tanzu conformance runs the CNCF conformance tests by default. For more information, see Sonobuoy.

Before you Begin

Ensure the Tanzu CLI is installed.


  1. To see a list of the conformance commands, run:

    tanzu conformance

    The following commands are available:

    deleteDeletes Kubernetes resources that were generated by a Sonobuoy run.
    genGenerates a Sonobuoy manifest for submission via the kubectl.
    logsDumps the logs of the currently running Sonobuoy containers for diagnostics.
    resultsInspect plugin results.
    retrieveRetrieves the results of a Sonobuoy run to a specified path.
    runStarts a Sonobouy run by launching the Sonobuoy aggregator and plugin pods.
    statusGets a summarized status of a Sonobuoy run.
    versionPrints Sonobouy and Tanzu build information.
  2. To start a conformance test running in the cluster, run:

    tanzu conformance run
  3. To view the status of the test, run

    tanzu conformance status
  4. To verify that the conformance test is starting correctly, run:

    watch kubectl get po -A

    You should see Sonobuoy containers starting or running.

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