Tanzu Community Edition


Download recent releases of VMware Tanzu Community Edition here.

Locate the version you want, click to download the installer for your client operating system, then follow the installation instructions in the Getting Started guide. Source code is also available for each release.

Note that clusters are not yet supported on M1 Macs and other ARM-based systems. The installer/CLI can be run on the systems, but target systems (including the local system for standalone clusters) must be amd64/x86_64 based. Clusters will either not completely deploy or not work. We expect to be able to include full ARM support in the future.


2021-09-30 Release Notes | License | Getting Started Guide

Installer/CLIDownload FileChecksumSize
MacOS/amd64tce-darwin-amd64-v0.9.1.tar.gzae973e1f94859e930483718a3bffeadbda3d51f546fef07f57b03b9d8b2756a9186 MB
Linux/amd64tce-linux-amd64-v0.9.1.tar.gz9558eb0f364c841dd293aacba1c28747cd17f773ad259c0853d1c25c104ad22e170 MB
Windows/amd64tce-windows-amd64-v0.9.1.zip0045e9696d38a6bd8c2f55dc6defbdc386bfc1ec7365162fc002e011ce2ae556173 MB
Source CodeDownload FileChecksumSize

You can download older versions of Tanzu Community Edition from Github.

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