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“Community” is our Middle Name - Welcome!

Nigel Brown, Roger Klorese

Oct 4, 2021

At our DevOps Loop event today, VMware announced the latest member of the Tanzu family of editions, VMware Tanzu Community Edition. It shares the Tanzu name with its siblings, so you can trust it shares with them the mission of delivering a rich Kubernetes-based experience for cloud native practitioners.

But in addition to its family name, we want you to remember the “new kid’s” middle name: Community. Because Community is the major idea differentiating this edition from its other family members.

One of the things that the word “Community” brings is the fact that the new edition is freely available - free to download and use, without time limits, resource limitations, or other artificial constraints that keep you from learning, evaluating, and using it – even for some of your production workloads. Support is also part of the no-cost equation. Unlike the Basic, Standard, and Advanced editions, which are supported by VMware’s Global Support Services with Service Level Agreements, Tanzu Community Edition is supported through the best efforts of the Community - not only VMware developers and other employees, but from other community members, like you. This is, after all, the same model by which Kubernetes and most other open source projects are supported successfully.

“Community” informs the way we run the planning and development processes, too. Our source code, development discussions, bug reports, feature requests, and more are entered and iterated in our GitHub repository1. The repository is viewable by all, and the project team welcomes input from any user or contributor.

In addition, we’ll review your bug reports and feature requests in public, and we’ll ask you to help us prioritize them, so that together we can deliver the best free open source platform we can. If you want to help improve our documentation, or feel so strongly about some new capability that you want to pitch in and develop it, we welcome contributions.

While Tanzu Community Edition will be developed in the open and community engagement will always be central to the project’s work, the project itself is and will remain under the leadership of VMware. Like many other vendor-led open source projects, that means that VMware will retain control of the project roadmap; we will collaborate with our user community to balance new features with necessary compatibility with the rest of the Tanzu family. This will help us assure you that Tanzu Community Edition always and faithfully extends the experience of VMware commercial offerings without breaking it.

How will we get together to do all this? Sometimes it will be in real time via Zoom, on Wednesdays at 10am PT:

  • Community Meetings with an agenda of status updates and interesting topics: the first and third Wednesday of every month
  • Office Hours: bring your questions and comments: the second and fourth Wednesday of every month

What about the fifth Wednesday, in months that have one? We’ll take a break. You don’t need to remember this schedule - you can find it, and lots more community info, in the Community section of the project site.

And the rest of the time we can “meet” asynchronously:

  • On the Tanzu Community Edition Google Group – join to get updates and invites to meetings
  • On the #tanzu-community-edition channel on the Kubernetes Slack (coming soon)

Whichever forums you choose, you’ll find other members of the community ready to help you if you need it, or for you to support, if you can.

So welcome to the Community (Edition) - we can’t wait to hear from you about your experiences and your projects!

  1. Actually, there are really two public GitHub repositories making up the heart of Tanzu Community Edition. First, there’s the repository you’d expect, called community-edition, that contains the tooling, installers, and packages that are specific to that edition. Then there’s the code it’s downstream from, the common heart of all Tanzu editions – it’s called tanzu-framework. It handles important features from infrastructure management to CLI, web UI, and API machinery. Together, they enable you to see, build, or contribute to Tanzu Community Edition. The Tanzu Community Edition meetings, mailing list, Slack channel, etc. will handle both projects. ↩︎

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