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VMware Tanzu Community Edition: Five Ways to Begin

Jennifer Kotzen

Dec 1, 2021

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VMware Tanzu Community Edition: Five Ways to Begin

One of the challenges that many of us face when looking at something new is that of figuring out just how to get started. You may be experiencing a little bit of that right now, as you begin your journey with VMware Tanzu Community Edition. The good news is that, regardless of how familiar you already are (or aren’t) with cloud native concepts, with Kubernetes and related technologies, or with Tanzu Community Edition specifically, you’ll likely find just what you need to take your first (or next!) step right here in our community.

Following are five ways you can get started with Tanzu Community Edition. Think about your current level of cloud native expertise, then choose an entry point that’s right for you!

Step 1: Learn about cloud native

How much background do you have with cloud native concepts and technologies? If you are new in this arena, your first step may be to build a foundation of basic knowledge that will help you make better sense of Tanzu Community Edition. At KubeAcademy, you’ll find just what you need: a full catalog of freely available online courses that introduce you to Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies, and to the problems you can solve with them.

Step 2: Learn about Tanzu Community Edition

If you already have foundational cloud native knowledge, you may be ready to dig into Kubernetes and learn more by doing. This is where you’ll want to take advantage of Tanzu Community Edition—it’s the perfect Kubernetes platform for hands-on learning, and for handling your real-world applications as well. Find out more about what Tanzu Community Edition is, what you can do with it, where to get it, and how to get help with a quick look at any or all of these introductory resources:

Step 3: Try using Tanzu Community Edition in a hosted sandbox

Tanzu Community Edition is software that you, or someone in your organization, will typically run and manage. But if you’d like to quickly see what you can do with the platform without having to first install it, you can try it out in a hosted sandbox environment. Two workshops enable you to experience Tanzu Community Edition in this way:

  1. Start with the Deploying Apps and Microservices with Tanzu Community Edition workshop, in which you’ll use Tanzu Community Edition to deploy, scale, publish, and monitor a cloud native application). 15 mins

  2. In a second workshop, Manage Platform Dependencies with Tanzu Community Edition, you will use built-in package management tooling to customize your platform’s capabilities. 15 mins

Step 4: Get your own cluster up and running

When you’re ready to set up a Tanzu Community Edition cluster, you’ll want to turn to these helpful resources:

  • The Tanzu Community Edition installation instructions detail the software download and configuration process, and the steps involved in setting up a new workload cluster.

  • You can customize your cluster by adding capabilities that are useful to you. Check out the list of optional packages that you can install into your cluster.

  • Boskey Savla’s blog “ Getting Started with Tanzu Community Edition” walks you through the complete getting-started process—from software download through cluster customization—for a typical deployment.

Step 5: Use Tanzu Community Edition

This is where the fun really begins! You can now enjoy free and unrestricted use of Tanzu Community Edition in any way you like, and for as long as you like. If you get stuck along the way, know that the community has your back. Take advantage of:

  • Many, many resources available to you in the Tanzu Developer Center, including articles, guides, samples, videos, workshops, and more—all designed to help you build and sharpen your cloud native skills and knowledge.

  • Community Office Hours, Community Meetings, and communication channels ( Slack and Google Group) are also here to serve you. Join folks like yourself, beginners and experts alike, eager to ask and answer questions, share work, discuss ideas, and enjoy camaraderie.

What next?

I hope that Tanzu Community Edition opens the door to a grand new adventure for you, as it is already doing for many of us. Go now and explore new territory and do amazing things! And along the way, very importantly, return to the community some of what you gain, by sharing your success and helping others find their way in this vast new world as well. Above all, have lots of fun!

See you soon at tanzucommunityedition.io.

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