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Speed time to developer productivity with v0.12 release of VMware Tanzu Community Edition

The Tanzu Community Edition Team

May 10, 2022

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The VMware Tanzu® Community Edition project team is pleased to announce general availability of Tanzu Community Edition v0.12. Focused on shortening application developers’ time-to-productivity, the new release enables developers to get a ready-to-use application platform installed and running on a local workstation in minutes, and to immediately deploy basic web applications without knowledge of Kubernetes or other underlying platform technologies. It also expands choices for developers with the ability to run local Kubernetes clusters using Minikube or Docker Desktop in addition to Kind.

Get a local application platform running in minutes

Replacing step-by-step installation and configuration of multiple application platform components, a simplified installation process now enables developers to get a complete, ready-to-use application platform up and running on a local workstation quickly and easily. Highlighting a set of features that make this possible is the new Application Toolkit, which neatly bundles a full set of technologies developers need into one package that can be installed into a local Tanzu Community Edition cluster with a single command. In just a few minutes, the toolkit gives developers an application platform that includes Flux CD Source Controller, kpack, Cartographer, Knative Serving, Cert Manager, Contour, and a basic software supply chain. Developers can also install both a local Kubernetes platform and the Application Toolkit with one command. Taking simplicity further still, Docker Desktop users can install and configure a local Tanzu Community Edition cluster directly from their Docker Desktop environment with the new VMware Tanzu Community Edition Extension for Docker Desktop.

Deploy applications immediately

The latest release also helps developers become productive more quickly with ready-to-use application platform tooling that bypasses the container infrastructure learning curve. A provided software supply chain can be used out-of-the-box to move typical, stateless web applications from source to production without developer intervention. This can free developers from time consuming operational work as containers are built, maintained, and deployed automatically. Developers can manage their workloads through the supply chain using simple commands that insulate them from the complexity of Kubernetes and other infrastructure technologies.

Use a preferred local Kubernetes provider

Developers can also use their Kubernetes provider of choice on their development workstation with the expanded ability to run local Kubernetes clusters using Minikube, Kind, or Docker Desktop. Additionally, they can now start and stop local clusters to conserve workstation resources, and can query cluster status to improve visibility into their development environment.

The Tanzu Community Edition release team would like to thank all project contributors who made this release possible. You can check out the release notes for more details about what’s new and download today. We hope you enjoy it!

Try Tanzu Community Edition now!

Tanzu Community Edition is freely available, community supported, open source software that you can download and use today. Find it, and a welcoming community, at tanzucommunityedition.io.

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