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VMware Tanzu Community Edition Takes Off!

Jennifer Kotzen

Nov 11, 2021

“An abstract image of a rocket ship taking off”

“Pleased” is a nice word, and “delighted” is too, but neither quite captures the way we’re feeling right now. “Excited” is better; “elated” is getting close ... “ecstatic” maybe? You get the idea. The simple truth is that we are beyond thrilled to see the tremendous response to the release of VMware Tanzu Community Edition! In case you missed the excitement around the introduction of this freely available Kubernetes platform for learners and users, allow me to fill you in.

Just a few weeks ago, on October 4, Tanzu Community Edition was released. Immediate uptake has been explosive and amazing, and it continues to expand at an incredible rate. To date we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of web mentions and tens of thousands of visitors to our web site. Downloads are off the charts, and thousands of you have already begun exploring Tanzu Community Edition through hands-on workshops. Wow! What a great start for our community. 😊

If you are new to the party, you can quickly catch up on Tanzu Community Edition release news and perspectives from a few of our favorite blog posts:

Clearly, there is a real need for an offering like Tanzu Community Edition. That’s surely no surprise: what application developer, infrastructure operator, site-reliability engineer, or DevOps engineer wouldn’t want to learn or use Kubernetes today with a freely available, open source Kubernetes platform? One that can be installed and configured in minutes on a local workstation or favorite cloud, and that’s backed by one of the world’s most trusted enterprise technology providers? It all adds up to incredible opportunity for you: now is the right time to build your cloud native expertise, and this is just the tool to help you do that.

It’s easy to download and install Tanzu Community Edition, and to find your path to success with like-minded colleagues and collaborators, lots of training and education resources, and expert support available through our community. Join us today!

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